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Where to begin?

Dakota and I both love working out together– whether its in the gym hitting the weights, or maybe doing some cardio outside. Though, we also love doing yoga together as well… so we decided to kind of mesh it all together. For us starting acro-yoga was about having fun, gaining flexibility, learning how to balance, and trying something NEW.

Yes you heard it– eustress!!

Resources We Used

So in all honesty when we started practicing acro– we had no idea what we were doing, and that was the beauty of it. We just messed around until we got the hang of a few basic poses. But to be realistic, we still don’t know most of the information out there now, and we too our learning every practice.

We were able to find these poses by searching on Youtube and yes you guessed it.. Pinterest! I mostly used Pinterest to find pictures of the basic poses, and then Youtube helped with understanding our alignment to one another and our own bodies! Just simply search: “Acroyoga poses” and I am sure that something will come up.

Some really great Youtube acro-yoga flows can be found here, here, and here. These may take time to learn, but I am sure you and your partner will get there! It just takes some patience and focus!

Accounts to Follow

Dakota and I can both agree that two of our favorite acroyoga accounts are @acrosprout and @moderntarzan. Though its good to remember they are professionals at this stuff– they are doing it everyday because in all reality it is their “job.” So don’t get discouraged thinking you have to learn how to balance and bend like they do– remember everyone takes their own time to learn and grow!

Another account to look into is @acrowithjon who happens to be friends with the two previous accounts I mentioned! His instagram will show poses and videos of some basic and high-level acro moves!

By going through and looking at people that those three have tagged in their own pictures, you will be sure to find a vast amount of the acroyoga community!

Our Videos 

Dakota and I have documented a few of our sessions on our instagrams which you can find here, here, here, and here.

You can see– we are no professionals, but we have made tremendous improvements over the months. I am so excited to keep getting better and better as time goes on with him.

Things to Note

  1. Everyone gets discouraged sometimes– even I do. A lot actually. It is something I have been working on and something I will continue to work on day in and day out.
  2. Frustration. This may come up when you can’t get a pose down or hold a pose correctly after trying for the 18,000th time– this is natural, but don’t let it defeat you. Let it motivate you!
  3. It takes time! Take a moment to remind yourself that the fun part is looking back on the progress you made over the weeks, months, and years.
  4. Communication is key. Throughout most things in life, communicating is key. Still, Dakota and I still struggle sometimes to communicate verbally and non-verablly with another during our practice.
  5. Some days you may be in a funk. This is life testing you! Rise to the challenge and try your best. You may not get it that day, and that is OKAY. Tomorrow is a new day sunshine!
  6. Find a partner who you feel comfortable with! This is major key guys.. you should want to practice and get your flow on with your partner, not stray away from the idea of practicing with him/her.
  7. It is fun and you can practically do it anywhere– blanket, sheet, carpet, mat, grass, you name it!


If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me or Dakota via social media or by contacting us with the form below!

Hope you find yourself on the mat soon!


(Post by Samantha Taylor)