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When it comes to exercising, there are thousands of excuses people use not to do it, but why is that? We all know it keeps us healthy, in shape, and physically fit, but at the same time, most people hate it and treat it as a dreaded daily task.

Since when did becoming healthy and physically fit become such a burden?

I have yet to meet a person who felt “bad” or “lousy” after a good session of being physically active, whether it be through playing sports, running, lifting weights, yoga, pilates, etc.?


This brings me to the 5 biggest reasons people don’t like exercising, which are performing dreaded activities/workouts, not having written out goals, not having the right support, not changing up your routine, and treating it like a chore.

1.) Reflect on the Physical Activities You Already Enjoy

Personally, I love practicing yoga and acrobatics with a healthy mix of weightlifting.

So, if there’s something specific that you already enjoy and it includes physical exercise, then DO THAT!

When you say the phrase “working out”, most people associate it with working out at a gym. This can be troublesome because most people absolutely hate the thought of lifting at a gym, so this natural instinct can block you from thinking of different forms of exercise.

With that being said, if you don’t like the mainstream ways of exercising, you need to find whats best for your personal interests. Think of the times you truly enjoyed being active and make those your primary focuses. Nothing is worse than trying to stay consistent to a regimen you hate. At the end of the day, you’ll always burn-out after your initial kick of motivation.

Personally, I like a nice mixture of lifting weights, yoga/acrobatics, and anything sports related. For others, this may be different, but whatever it is, don’t compromise for anything less than you truly enjoy.

2.) Have Goals and WRITE THEM OUT

For starters, having and accomplishing goals is one of the most fulfilling feelings I know of.

When it comes to exercising, most people pick it up as a way to turn their physical health around, but have no idea what they want to accomplish. According to this post on the Huffington Post, you’re 42% more likely to achieve your goals by simply writing them down. I’m sure everyone is aware of this, but knowing and implementing are two different things.

When you decide you want to start exercising more, or are feeling stagnant with your current routine, just remember to goal set. This simple action will push your subconscious mind in directions that’ll make it easier for you to take actions towards your goals.

Personally, my written goals are something I look at everyday. I have them on my vision board and reread them over and over until they eventually manifest through my actions. To me, one of the best feelings is a sense of accomplishment. And once they’re accomplished, I write down my new goals. But don’t get confused, the manifestation of your fitness goals will only come true through your actions, not just repeating the words you wrote down on a sticky note.

Radical action is key..

3.) Create a Support System

This guy next to me, Joel, was my original support system when it came to transitioning to a vegan.

The thought of knowing that one of my close friends was doing the same thing was MORE than enough to motivate me!

One of the easiest ways to make exercising more enjoyable is by having a support system. When you make progress, and see others progress with their own goals, there always seems to be a synergistic effect that takes place.

Whether your support system is a workout buddy, 10 people, or 1000 people, it doesn’t matter. Being held accountable to exercising can help give you more strength on the days you’re feeling down.

This also goes back to making sure you’re only exercising in ways you truly enjoy. If this is so, you should rarely feel like skipping a workout session, especially if you have a workout buddy/group that is also holding you accountable for showing up.

Most of my support comes from my workout partners and my written goals; they’re my primary sources of accountability.


“I absolutely love doing the same exact exercise routine every single day!”

-Said no one EVER

When you get tired of eating the same food, what do you do?

I’m going to guess that you switch up the food you eat, not ditch food completely, because eating is a necessity. When it comes to exercising, if you get tired of your typical routine, don’t just ditch it completely, SWITCH IT UP!

The only difference is that exercising isn’t a necessity, it’s a luxury. Don’t believe me? Ask someone who is incapable of exercising, like the unfortunate people who are in a wheel chair or have muscular dystrophy. These people, for the most part, would give anything in order to experience physical exercise and the freedom to move.

I change up my routines constantly. In the weight room, I change up my rep counts, try different movements, and always change my routines. When I’m doing yoga and acrobatics, every day has it’s own flow and stretches. When I’m doing calisthenic (body weight exercises)  outside, I do whatever feels right, which is always different from day to day.

By doing this, I’m never allowing myself to get “comfortable” with any given routine, which is key when fearing any kind of plateau.

5.) Don’t Treat Exercising Like a Chore

I’ve NEVER had a dull moment during an acro session with my girlfriend Sam!

If I were to dread acro sessions, I simply wouldn’t do them.

It’s impossible to enjoy something that you dread doing…

Like I said above, not everyone has the privilege to be active and exercise at will. Therefore, the motivation needed for exercising can easily come with the realization that exercising is a luxury.

If you feel yourself viewing exercising as a chore, reflect on the fact that you have the ability to perform tasks that others only dream of. You were blessed with a functional body, so take advantage of it!

Personally, I’ve found myself thinking this way many times before, mostly due to falling short in 1-4. Once I was able to find my favorite outlets for exercising, started writing down my goals, got a support system, and started switching up my routines, I managed to stop viewing exercising as a chore, and to start LOVING it.

So, What Now?

If you’ve read this far, I’m guessing you received practical value from this post. These were only tips and recommendations. Only YOU have the power to make a difference for YOUrself.

Take major action on these 5 tips and improve your exercising experiences!

Key Takeaways:

  • Find out the physical activities/exercises that interest you so you can enjoy it more.
  • Realize your goals and write them down so you can read them to yourself frequently.
  • Create accountability through a support base. Goals are more enjoyable as a group.
  • Constantly change up your routines so you don’t plateau.
  • Remain thankful that your able to exercise, because it’s a luxury, not a chore.

If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to contact me with the form below. The best way to stay updated with new posts is by subscribing to this website, so be sure to do so!

Much Love!