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Want a healthy, light lunch? This is the perfect option for you.

Collard greens are not only beautiful with their vibrant orange and pink colors, but they are a great alternative for a spinach or wheat quesadilla wrap. This is something I would totally post on my Instagram, especially during summer.

I was skeptical at first, but these wraps were the fast and filling.


Ingredients: serves 2 

2 collard green leaves

1/2 cup of chickpea beans

1 avocado

1 tbs. vegan mayo

1 tsp. mustard

pinches of pepper and pink himalayan salt

3/4 cup of carrots

2 cups of broccoli

1/2 tsp. garlic powder



  1. Take your broccoli and carrots and steam them until soft. We do this on the stovetop by putting a small amount of water into the bottom of the pan, setting the temperature to medium-low, and put a lid on it to trap in the steam. Add in garlic powder on-top to give them some more flavor!
  2. While your veggies are cooking, get out your mayo, mustard, chickpeas, and avocado. Mash together everything into a bowl. I used a back of a fork to mash the beans. This mixture should remind you of an “egg salad”. Add pepper and salt to your liking.
  3. Rinse your collard greens and then spread your mixture onto the middle of the leaf.
  4. Top with your veggies
  5. Fold it up like a taco or wrap and dig in!


Nutritional Facts: Collard Green Edition

They have an abundance of antioxidants which helps inflammatory problems.

Collard greens provide a large amount of vitamin C.

They are great for your immune system as it cleans out your liver.

Chronometer Findings:

This meal isn’t necesarily a huge meal by any means. It’s more of a quick lunch.

So, with a total of only 406 calories, you should be able to eat another side of fruit or veggies with this wrap 🙂

As you can see, you’re getting over half of your daily recommended amount of fiber (which 97% of Americans don’t get). HECK YEAH!

Also, with the high ratio of fat content in this meal, you should be left content after eating this wrap. Don’t forget to thank your avocado buddies haha



Recipe by: soulfulsam.com