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Obviously not all of us have a bunch of time to cook throughout the day, which is understandable because life is straight up hectic sometimes! I am hoping to solve this misconception that you have to be slaving over your stove just to make a healthy vegan meal, because that just isn’t true! There are tons of vegan meals that can be made QUICK in the microwave. This means it can also be dorm room friendly for those who have the option to grocery shop or shop on your campuses markets!

I personally stay away from using the microwave, but that is just my personal decision! I am not encouraging you to use the microwave for all of your meals– but if this is the only option you have, I would love for you to give this recipe a shot!


1 sweet potato (you can save half for later)

1 avocado (you can save half for later)



hot chili beans (I would encourage you to buy these or spicy black beans, because they are flavor packed and you won’t have to worry about using spices to give this dish some extra flavor) I used about 1/4-1/2 can.

microwavable rice (SO CHEAP AND EASY)

optional: microwavable veggies– these are like no more than $1.50 at most grocery stores, canned corn, tortilla chip, or any other sauces (I made a tahini, nutritional yeast, and cumin + a dash of water sauce)

  1. Cut small incisions in your sweet potato (probably around 4) and place on a paper towel in your microwave for 6 minutes. The potato should come out looking a bit more wrinkled on the outside than before, and tender on the inside!
  2. Set potato aside
  3. Microwave your rice (usually you just microwave in the packet or bowl they come in)
  4. Add the rice into the bowl you will be eating in and add the beans in and warm them up together. You just need to get the beans warm honestly.
  5. Cut your potato in half and add in the bowl.
  6. Top with salsa, spinach, avocado, and any other toppings you want!

Notes: I understand it may be hard to make this in a dorm room, just because you aren’t grocery shopping a ton: plus you have a meal plan! But, it can still be an option if you feel like cooking your own meal. This is also great for people at home or living in an apartment! It takes literally no more than 10 minutes to throw together! I really hope you enjoy!


Recipe from soulfulsam.com