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Recently, I’ve been working on the art of showing gratitude. It’s one of my favorite meditative practices.

By learning how to show gratitude, you’re simultaneously bringing yourself into the present moment by giving thanks and respect to the people and things that you’re grateful for!

This is why so many people use journalism as a type of meditation. It helps you become more creative and tap into your creative energy 🙂

I don’t journal often, but I do enjoy writing out my daily goals so that I can prep my mind for the day that’s ahead of me. This makes me feel as grateful as possible!

Being ungrateful about your circumstances will only send you into a negative spiral of bad energy that doesn’t serve you.. This is something I’ve learned throughout my entire life, and continue to learn about.

Today, I want to share something with you! Something that has made my daily journaling more inspiring..

Journaling the conscious way

My friends at Streamlet have handcrafted a writing journal that can be used as a gratitude journal, which can take your daily notes and affirmations to the next level! How so? By writing in a 100% vegan-friendly journal that was handcrafted out of recycled tires, you feel a sense of joy as you use it 🙂

We all know that ignorance is bliss. However, when you’re truly doing your best to protect the environment, you know that ignorance can’t be afforded. With that said, awareness is what gives us true blissfulness!

Today, as I was writing my daily objectives and some of the things I’m grateful for, I felt a sense of awareness that brought me an extra boost of joy!

The positive karma that was radiating from the materials of my writing journal was helping raise my energy levels! If you’re wanting to know more about their products or their brand story, the Streamlet logo will bring you straight to their website. They clearly explain the step they’re taking to reduce our landfill build-up and create a better environment for us and the generations to come!

Reducing landfill build-up

As I was writing, I was aware that I was simultaneously protecting the environment and supporting a brand that is doing their best to help reduce the amount of tires that fill up our landfills.

Did you know that more than 300 million tires are thrown into landfills each year in the U.S. alone, and much more around the world? I learned about our landfill issues in a lot of my plastics and manufacturing classes while I was in college, so I’m well aware that we need to do our best to reduce our waste!

Streamlet is helping us do just that by making their Writing Journal’s cover entirely from recycled tires. These discarded tires would otherwise fill landfills for decades or release enormous amounts of carbon into the atmosphere when burned.

So, when you buy products like these, you’re taking an active part in the preservation and improvement of environments in your region and all over the world!

Supporting businesses that have your best interest in mind

If you follow my content, you should know that I do my best in explaining the importance of supporting vegan brands and businesses. Streamlet is one of those brands that you should consider supporting.

If you’re not in need of a writing journal, don’t buy one for the sake of consuming. However, if you’re genuinely in need of a new writing journal or you were planning on buying one anyways, then Streamlet’s Writing Journal is a perfect product for you!

To save some money, Streamlet’s team was kind enough to give me a discount code (DAKOTAMAYS10) for those of you who are looking for a discount.

All in all, remember how important it is to support businesses that care for our environment! As a vegan, I’m continually trying to do my best to lower my consumption and environmental impact. Streamlet, along with many other brands are doing their part in making this process easier.

Click this picture to view their listing on Amazon!

I wouldn’t recommend this journal if I didn’t truly love it. Honestly, it’s the fanciest writing journal I’ve ever owned haha! When I took this picture, I remember that I was super afraid of dropping it and getting it dirty. I know, I’m ridiculous, right?

And the fact that it’s 100% vegan-friendly, my mind is blown..

So, go check them out if you’re interested in buying one or if you’re wanting to learn more about the Streamlet brand 🙂

Either way, keep practicing daily gratitude!

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Much Love, Dakota Mays