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Throughout the past 3 months, I’ve been getting more and more serious about how I start my day..

Have you ever woken up to problems or issues and subconsciously let them govern the rest of your day? I know I have before, plenty of times!

I’ve been learning from high performance coaches like Tony Robbins, Jim Kwik, Wim Hof, etc., and have been realizing a common theme between them all.. They all have morning routines!

These role models of mine helped me figure out a morning routine for myself so that I could become the architect of my day, rather than letting my day control me. And to be honest, this simple lifestyle change has already had a significant effect on my life..

As of right now, my usual morning consists of me waking up, making my bed, walking downstairs to chug 24 oz of lemon water, starting a pot of coffee, brushing my teeth with my opposite hand, walking back upstairs to do a small yoga flow followed by a controlled breathing session, reviewing my vision board, writing in my gratitude journal my favorite affirmations and daily goals, and then starting my first task of the day (which is usually the hardest task on my to-do list).

Let me explain the 5 most important aspects of my morning routine that helps me 🙂

1) Being Mindful, Not Mind-Full

You see, most of us, including myself, looooove to check our phones the second we wake up.. This is unfortunately bad for us on so many levels.

First off, the light from our phones will mess with our circadian rhythm, which is our biological sleep/wake cycle, and can disrupt our pineal gland, which is responsible for producing our melatonin (our sleep hormone). When we distrupt this melatonin release with the lights from our phone, we’ll be losing out on energy and vitality that naturally comes with the “wake” part of our sleep/wake cycle.

If you want to know more about how lights before/after sleep can affect our energy levels, you should definitely check out my Energy Hacks blog post!

On the other hand, when we check out phone, our first actions after waking up is consuming, rather than creating. When you wake up and the first thing you do is reach for your phone, you’re in search for instant gratification (this is one of the reasons why I stopped consuming twitter content a LONG time ago lol). Now, when I wake up, I’m making a conscious decision to control my first thoughts of the day and do my best to be a creator of my own reality, rather than letting someone else create it for me!

Through personal experience, this has given me an unbelievable amount of control over your mental state of being.

So, by simply refraining from checking our phones, we become mindful, rather than mind-full. This has helped me become more in the moment and has definitely created a spark in my morning routine!

2) Super-Hydrate

This is something I learned from Jim Kwik (a brain coach that trains high performance athletes and celebrities).

Jim helps people learn quicker and build habits that support our brain functioning! He’s always stressing the importance of waking up and super-hydrating with lemon water. Since our brain is about 73% water, in order to recharge our dehydrated brain, one of the first things you should do in the morning is hydrate it.

I personally drink about 24 oz of lemon water as quick as possible. This has helped me not only increase my daily intake of water, but it has helped me reach peak mental states during my work hours due to the extra boost in brain power!

Hydrating yourself is a crucial key to performing at your highest level. If you’re wanting to learn a little more about hydration, I have a hydration blog post just for you 😉

3) Create Before You Consume

This one goes hand and hand with the first aspect. When you wake up, you should make it a point to create something before you consume anything.

This can be in the form of food, content, information, etc., it doesn’t matter.

I learned this from one of my favorite “YouTube mentors,” Infinite Waters (Ralph Smart). He helped me realize the importance of creating value for the world before I take value from it.

Therefore, I’ve been making sure to create content of value before I eat or consume other content. This simple rule has helped me become more of a creator, rather than a consumer.

4) Flex Your Heart

Did you know that your heart is a muscle? It’s a muscle that’s responsible for pumping blood through your arteries, which are connected to your brain.

Jim Kwik talks a lot about the importance of your blood flow that goes to your brain. One way to help this is by activating your heart, or “flexing” it with an easy morning exercises routine.

For me, this usually involves a 15-minute yoga flow/stretch, followed by a controlled breathing session (more on that in a minute),  which helps me get my blood flowing and primes me for the tasks that I’m about to work on.

Another reason why this is important is because your physical body is your subconscious mind, so if you’re trying to prep yourself for an active day or a hard task on your laptop, then you don’t want your subconscious mind (your body) to be in a sedated state. You want your body to be primed and ready to take on whatever it is your day has ahead of you!

Training your subconscious mind will be a huge indicator of how successful you are at creating your perfect morning routine. This is why I have a vision board that I look at. Images are one of the easiest ways to prime your subconscious mind for the things you wish you learn and accomplish.

5) Prime Yourself For Success

As I mentioned in the fourth aspect of my morning routine, priming yourself for success is something Tony Robbins and Wim Hof swear by. These two men are two of the leading authorities in the world of priming, so I’ve learned a LOT from their tactics and have implemented them into my morning routine.

After I finish my yoga flow and have good blood flow, I usually hop into a controlled breathing exercise called the ‘Wim Hof Methof.’

The breathwork exercise helps prime your mind for whatever it is you want to prime it for. You can use it as an affirmative form of meditation, a relaxer, a motivator, or a way to meditate on critical life-problems you may have, it doesn’t matter.

The exercise can be used in any way you wish. If you wish to, you can read about it in my Wim Hof Method blog post. I definitely recommend reading it if you’re interested in conscious breathing forms of meditation.

Other than that, I journal in my vegan Streamlet Notebook, which is made with recycled tires! I journal about what I’m grateful for and the tasks that will may my day a “WIN.” And the fact that it’s a vegan journal that’s made from recycled materials, I feel more grateful as I write in it.

Do what works for YOU!

All in all, do what works for YOU. I’m only showing you my personal morning routine, and it’s subject to change as I explore new things.

The whole point of this blog post was to help show you that you have to become a creator of your own reality, and the first hour after waking up is the most important time to do so.

Through personal experience, when I win the first part of my day, I usually ALWAYS win the entire day. I want you to do the same!!

I hope this post helped give you some motivation toward starting a morning routine for yourself, or has helped you think of some things to add to your morning routine.

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Much Love, Dakota Mays