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Looking for ethical products to buy?

Here’s a few brands and companies that have made my life a LOT easier. These products range from food products, nutritional devices, services, kitchen products, hygiene products, and miscellaneous hemp-based products (since we should all do our best to support hemp farmers).

Use this small post as a guide toward finding the right vegan-friendly products! And remember, there are new brands being formed on a DAILY BASIS 😉

Food & Nutrition

Planet Protein
The company I’m interning for. Sustainable and ethical vegan protein bars (use DAKOTAMAYS10 for a discount).
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Cronometer App
Track your calories, macronutrients, and micronutrients with EASE!
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100% plant-based – organic ingredients – fully prepared – preservative-free
Meals delivered to you!
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This app allows you to find vegan restaurant near you, which is THE BEST!
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My Going Vegan E-Book
Written by myself, this book helps you with ALL aspects of transitioning to the vegan lifestyle, along with much more.
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The China Study
Written by Dr. T Collin Campbell, this book has taught me more than any other book when it comes to the correlations between diet and disease. I referenced this book a few times.
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How Not to Die
One of my favorite plant-based health books. Michael Gregor M.D. (one of my all-time favorite vegan advocates) is the author.
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Meat Is for Pu*****
The first vegan book I’ve ever read, which that changed my life forever. Written by John Joseph, a vegan triathlete.
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How To THRIVE on a Vegan Diet
A small e-book I created to help people optimize their nutrition, avoid common deficiencies, and build influence by learning how to answer common questions and concerns.
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Sustainable Product Companies

The Honest Company
Subscription boxes (cleaning products, personal care, bundles, beauty). This company will help make vegan shopping easy.
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Tree Tribe
(They plant 10 trees on every sale, eco-friendly materials, they sell EVERYTHING)
Leaf leathers (bags, journals, wallets), eco bottles, sunglasses, clothing (including yoga pants), totes, and more! This company will make ethical purchases easy for you.
(click here)

Yoga Outlet
Yoga Outlet is a store front created to make shopping for all things yoga (clothes, shoes, mats, ropes, meditation pillows, etc.) SUPER easy. Sam’s link is below if you plan on buying any yoga gear anytime soon!
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Products me and Sam personally use and SWEAR BY!

If you want to start buying hemp products to support the growth of hemp (something everyone should do), you should check out my Why Hemp Will Be a Big Part of My Future and Why We Should Buy Hemp Products.

If you want to buy hygiene products (oils, creams, bathroom utensils, deodorants) or kitchen products (blenders, utensils, cutting pads/boards, bags, etc.), then be sure to check out my girlfriend Sam’s products page on her website!

Other than that, the possibilities are endless, so ecosia (an eco-friendly search-engine alternative to google that plants trees as people uses it) away!

I wish you the best of luck in finding the right vegan products. If you have ANY questions about how to find something, please feel free to contact me and subscribe to this website with the form below and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

Much Love!!