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Do you have a morning routine?

If not, by the end of this post, I hope to convince you to develop a morning routine that will start your days off the right way!

And why wouldn’t you? Most of the ultra-successful athletes, artists, and business men and women have morning routines and rituals that give them their energy for their day.

Personally, I believe that a few small changes in a person’s morning routine can revolutionize their life.

Why? It’s cool that high performing people like to have morning routines, but I never truly believed in them until I had experience with it myself.. So I did. And ever since I started experimenting with my mornings, they began to give me more and more energy and mental clarity. I’ve seen a ridiculous increase in the productivity of my first few waking hours of the day, and it mostly came from a few simple changes that ANYONE can make.

In this post, I’ll be sharing with you my 3 favorite natural energy hacks that gives me my morning boosts in vitality! And if you’re a fan of video content, then you can check out my 5-minute My 3 Favorite Morning Routine Energy Hacks video on my IGTV channel.

1) Ditch Your Phone and Super-Hydrate

The light from our phones will mess with our circadian rhythm, which is our biological sleep/wake cycle, and can disrupt our pineal gland, which is responsible for producing our melatonin (our sleep hormone). When we disrupt this melatonin release with the lights from our phone, we’ll be losing out on energy and vitality that naturally comes with the “wake” part of our sleep/wake cycle.

So, by simply not checking out cell phones for our first hour of being awake, we’ll be saving energy.

If you want to know more about how lights before/after sleep can affect our energy levels, you should definitely check out my Energy Hacks blog post!

And the reason you should focus on super-hydrating instead of checking your phone is because your brain needs to recharge before it can perform at it’s best.

This is something I learned from Jim Kwik (a brain coach that trains high performance athletes and celebrities).

Jim helps people learn quicker and build habits that support brain functioning! He’s always stressing the importance of waking up and super-hydrating with lemon water. Since our brain is about 73% water, in order to recharge our dehydrated brain, one of the first things you should do in the morning is hydrate it.

I personally drink about 24 oz of lemon water as quick as possible. This has helped me not only increase my daily intake of water, but it has helped me reach peak mental states during my work hours due to the extra boost in brain power!

Hydrating yourself is a crucial key to performing at your highest level. If you’re wanting to learn a little more about hydration, I have a hydration blog post that’s just for you.

2) Get Into YOUR Flow

Did you know that your heart is a muscle? It’s a muscle that’s responsible for pumping blood through your arteries, which are connected to your brain.

Jim Kwik talks a lot about the importance of your blood flow that goes to your brain. One way to help this is by activating your heart, or “flexing” it with an easy morning exercises routine.

For me, this usually involves a 15-minute yoga flow/stretch, followed by a controlled breathing session (which you can read about here), which helps me get my blood flowing and primes me for the tasks that I’m about to work on.

Another reason why this is important is because your physical body is your subconscious mind, so if you’re trying to prep yourself for an active day or a hard task on your laptop, then you don’t want your subconscious mind (your body) to be in a sedated state. You want your body to be primed and ready to take on whatever it is your day has ahead of you!

Some people like to exercise in the morning. If this is you, then you don’t have anything to worry about! But for people like me, who like to lift/exercise around 1:00 PM, then I’d recommend finding something that you like doing. This could be stretching, planking for a minute, a minute of jump-ropes, a few high knees, or a simple yoga flow like me, it doesn’t really matter! All that matters is that you get your heart pumping a tad bit faster so that your arteries are flowing more 🙂

3) Start With Your Hardest Task

This will be completely different for everyone..

For me, one of the easiest tasks of my day is lifting/exercising at the gym, so I don’t want it to be the first activity of my morning. But for you, exercising could be your least favorite activity of the day, and if so, you’ll want to start with that first.

Why should you start with your hardest activity?

This is actually really easy to answer. Have you ever noticed that sense of relief after finishing your hardest tasks? Or the feeling of knowing that the “tough shit” on your to-do-list is already checked off for the day?

The reason behind this is the fact that your self-esteem is boosted whenever you’re finished with working on/doing your hardest job/activity of the day.

Also, you’re usually more tired as the day goes on (for most people), so if you’re someone who hates exercising, I wouldn’t wait to exercise until after coming home from a long day of work. You’re obviously less likely to do it.

On the other hand, if you’re like me and you love exercising, then it wouldn’t be a big deal to hold off on exercising until after a long day of work. If anything, it’ll gives you something to look forward to, which will give you so much more energy throughout the day.

This allows you to worry less and get more done as you go throughout your day, I promise you. Just try it and see for yourself. If you put these tips into action, your productivity should go up instantly.

I hope you enjoyed this small little write-up. I always love learning about new cool ways to increase energy levels! So if you have any questions or want me to go more in-depth about one of these tips, be sure to let me know.

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