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If you don’t already know, I’m a vegan.

The Global Warming Hoax and the Fake Science Behind ...When I first became vegan, I did so because my health was in need of an upgrade. But, little did I know, I was making a GIGANTIC change in my carbon-footprint.

Fast forward two years and now all I can think about is ways to further reduce my carbon-footprint. With global warming getting worse every day, people like me and Elon Musk (the Founder and CEO of Tesla), are doing our part in the restoration of our planet.

This is why Elon founded Tesla, which is a technology company and independent automaker. He wishes to eventually offer electric cars at prices affordable to the average consumer, which will bring the end to the use of combustion energy because we’ll no longer have the need to burn fossil fuels (carbon) into our atmosphere. The elimination of our carbon emissions will be the main factor in stopping global warming.

So far, Tesla has done nothing but shock the world, including myself. Their mission is clear, and their actions are backing their ambitions. This is why I trust Elon and the Tesla team with my hard-earned money.

I have a small weekly auto-investment of $10 that goes toward Tesla, which was set up with Stash (the easiest investing app ever).

*And when you use this Stash link, we both earn $5, which is pretty cool!*

Anyways, the fact that Tesla will revolutionize our energy-use is enough for me to invest in the company, but, that’s not the biggest reason I invest in them.

The main reason I see Elon’s ventures creating hefty amounts of wealth to my portfolio is because he also has The Boring Company (an infrastructure and tunnel-construction company), which will use a lot of the technology from Tesla.Musk Tweet Scores $128,000 In Hat Sales For The Boring Company

In my opinion, this tunnel-construction company will completely revolutionize our forms of travel, along with the way we deliver products.

Who is our largest product distributor? You guessed it, Amazon! Do I invest in Amazon, as well? YOU BET!!!!

So, with these companies geared toward a sustainable future, it’s hard not to envision the success they’re going to have. Personally, I can clearly imagine a world where products (and people) travel through underground tunnels that run off of sustainable forms of energy, such as solar power, which will come from SolarCity (a subsidiary of Tesla that specializes in solar energy services).

As you can see, I’m a visionary when it comes to things like this. I believe in Elon Musk with every ounce of my intuition. I also believe that Amazon will only become bigger as time goes on. If both of these are true, I predict that Elon will eventually make ties with Amazon’s distribution centers.

Once this happens, it’s game over! In a good way, of course..

If this comes true, Mother Earth will be relieved of so much stress that is coming from our “carbon-burning experiment.” Also, the Earth’s surface will take back a lot of it’s space that was once taken up by trucks and semis that transport goods.

Do you see where I’m going with this? I sure hope so!

In conclusion, I hope you were able to learn something new in this post. This post was purely MY speculation on what the future of our world will look like, and nothing more. You can disagree with me all you want because this is based off of opinion.

With that said, I hope you enjoyed learning about my reasons for being a Tesla investor!

And if you’d like to watch my IGTV video on this subject, then be sure to check that out my 3 Main Reasons I Invest In Tesla video.

If you have any questions about Tesla or investing, reach out to me! Be sure to contact me and subscribe to this website with the form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Much Love!!!