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Before I go into 10 of the main reasons entrepreneurs should do yoga, I want to make a quick point.

In a world where “being busy” is praised by most people, it’s a bit confusing to understand that “being still”is sometimes the most productive thing you can do throughout the day..

Why Your Brainwaves are the Key to Your Success | Life ...By giving our minds a chance to calm down and relax, we’re literally changing our brain chemistry and slowing down our brainwave state. As you can see on the brain frequency chart, the Beta brainwave state is the conscious mind. Most of the time, unless people are sleeping or daydreaming, a lot of people live the majority of their lives in this state. This can get troublesome because this is the same brainwave state that’s associated with anxiety and stress.

So, what are brainwaves? Our brain is made up of billions of brain cells called neurons, which use electricity to communicate with each other. When the signals of these neurons are produced, they produce a significant amount of electrical activity in the brain, which can be detected using medical equipment such as an electroencephalogram (EEG). The electrical activity within the brain is commonly referred to as our brainwave patterns, because of its ‘wave-like’ nature.

By slowing down our brainwave patterns/frequency, we’re able to view life from different perspectives. Since most of our actions are due to subconscious tendencies, it’s important to step into the Alpha brainwave state at times so we can tap into our creative energy that helps us become “super-learning machines.” In this state, we tap into our higher-selves and we’re able to tap into some of the stored insight that’s held within our subconscious minds (which is something we do every night when we’re asleep).

But how do you slow down your brainwave frequency? You guessed it.. YOGA! Yoga, along with brainwave music and binaural beats, allows you to enter the “gateway to the subconscious mind” through meditative yoga flows and slow/controlled breathing.

With that being said, let’s hop into 10 of the main reasons entrepreneurs and workaholics should consider slowing down their brainwave state with yoga..

1) Less stress

Research shows that yoga can reduce stress levels and lower blood pressure.

planned it – Whatever happens in life… i planned it!No matter what type of yoga you practice, controlled breathing is always one of the most important aspects of your practice. Controlled breathing can lower your blood pressure, which is governed by our sympathetic nervous system (our messenger of stress response). So, by modifying our breathing, we can manipulate our stress response and become more capable of coping with stress.

As a high-performing entrepreneur or business man/woman, this is a key factor when it comes to your success and your capability to be a leader in stressful situations!

2) Clearer vision

By slowing down our brainwave frequency, we’re able to think through problems with a less-chaotic brain. As we enter the Alpha brainwave state, we’re more creative and can “think outside the box” in times of need.

This is something I’ve benefited from immensely! After my morning yoga flows and breathwork exercises, I’m always coming up with my best ideas and solutions to problems.

If you’re someone with the problem of attaching your emotions to your logic, I’m guessing you can see how calming your mind can give you a more level-headed approach to any task at hand.

3) Higher productivity

Yoga can sharpen your memory, help boost brain function and improve reaction time, and can boost your mood.

All of these studies suggest that you’re simply a better-functioning human being when you practice yoga. Higher productivity is simply a side-effect from improving the capability of your brainpower.

As a high-performer, this is one of the main reasons to consider hoping on the yoga mat from time to time!

4) Sharper mind

As I said above, yoga can help boost brain function and improve reaction time, so you’ll be more capable of super-learning when you’re practicing yoga regularly.

At the end of the day, the word “yoga” means to “yoke” and “union.” This means that the practice of yoga helps us feel and understand how everything in life is interconnected, which helps us become more aware of our inner thoughts and the outer world.

By becoming more conscious of your thoughts and environment, your mind will surely be sharper!

5) Better sleep

Sleep Well Solution Welcome - Sleep Well SolutionResearch shows that yoga can help with insomnia. This makes sense because yoga slows down your brainwave frequency to a frequency that’s closer to the Theta and Delta brainwave states, which is where we experience REM sleep and deep sleep.

Do you have a rough/busy day ahead of you? Before bed, try 10 minutes of controlled breathing in child’s pose and I promise you’ll have a better night’s rest!

6) Priming/Relaxation

Yoga and breathwork is interesting because it can have varying effects on your mental state. This is where your intentions become the catalyst for your desired mental effects.

If you’re trying to get ready for a big speech/event, your intentions should be energizing, exhilarating, and full of positive energy as you prime yourself toward a higher brainwave frequency. However, if you’re trying to calm yourself down before bed, you can simply set your intentions toward relaxing and mellow sensations as you attempt to slow down your brainwave frequency.

Both of them work, it’s all about setting the right intentions with your controlled breathing!

7) It’s a workout

If you don’t enjoy weight-lifting, running, or swimming, etc., you can try yoga instead every once and a while to change things up. This will give you extra blood flow, which will help your brain function optimally during your work hours.

A yoga flow can be as hard/easy as you want, so it you’re wanting to build up a good sweat, you can easily make it happen through challenging power yoga movements. But if you’re someone who wants to gradually build up a sweat, that can also be done through sequenced strenuous holds that force you to activate all parts of your body.

Trust me, yoga can be as challenging as you make it! This is always good to know if you’re looking for some changes in your workout routine.

8) Less physical pain

According to Harvard Medical School, yoga can help relieve chronic pain.

When it comes to giving your body relief, yoga is one of the best things you can treat yourself with. Our bodies were made to move, and with a lot of our illnesses stemming from inactivity, yoga is a perfect solution to moving/breathing into new places in your body!

Yoga also does wonders with inflammation and joint pain because it helps remove energy blockages that take place (mostly in our joints). The less you have to worry about bodily pains, the more time you have to focus on the tasks that are in front of you!

9) Improved flexibility and balance

This one may be a no-brainer, but it still deserves to be mentioned!

Yoga will give you a sense of body-awareness that you’ve never felt before. It helps you feel more in-tune with every limb of your body and allows you to find equilibrium from numerous positions/postures. All of these factors help your balance.

In terms of flexibility, Dr. Thomas Green, a chiropractor in Lincoln, Nebraska, explained “Our lives are restricted and sedentary, so our bodies get lazy, muscles atrophy, and our joints settle into a limited range.”

Simply put, yoga helps us move more, which keeps us from the dangers of a sedentary life. This will help us in our work because we’ll be dodging the aches and pains that slow most people down.

10) More fulfillment with your work

As you start practicing yoga and you start to feel less stressed, more in-tune with your body, more flexible, better balanced (both physically and mentally), less physical pain, more vibrant, more productive, more confident, etc., you start to experience more fulfillment in your work!

Without making this post sound too “wishy washy,” I still want you to know that yoga is ultimately a spiritual practice that originated from ancient India. So, expect to gain some spiritual insight from yourself as you begin this practice. This insight will help you become a smarter authority in your industry/field.

With that said, I wish you the best of luck with your journey towards embodying fulfillment!

I hope you enjoyed learning about these 10 reasons to do yoga.

For those of you who are completely new to yoga, I have a free 3-Day Yoga Journey Kick-Start that can help you start your journey off on the right foot!

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Now, if you’re an entrepreneur who’s wanting to take things to the next level, whether you want to improve mentally, physically, or spiritually, you now know that the yoga can help you with every one of them 🙂

Much Love,

Dakota Mays