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When it comes to shopping with your hard-earned money, you should always give your money to the ones who are making the world a better place!

Vegan products offer us a sustainable and cruelty-free way to shop. So, I thought I’d talk about the 3 main reasons we should all do our best to shop vegan. We can use these reasons as motivation to help build a better future for our personal health and planet!

1) To Help Protect The Environment

In the near future, we’re going to be seeing a MASSIVE shift toward conscious entrepreneurship, especially with global warming getting worse by the day.

Every day, there are more and more brands incorporating vegan products into their product-lines. But what’s something more exciting than that? The fact that 100% vegan brands are opening up left and right as well.

We already know that going vegan is the single best thing we can do to reduce our individual carbon footprint. By giving our money to vegan brands, we’re supporting businesses who are refraining from unsustainable deforestation and agricultural practices. If you’re an environmentalist, this can be used as motivation towards refraining from purchasing animal-based products, along with products/resources that cause havoc on the environment.

For instance, a vegan product can contain palm oil, which is one of the worst ingredients in terms of sustainability.. So if you’re wanting to take that extra step toward shopping consciously, you’ll want to do your best to refrain from eating/drinking products that contain palm oil.

Vegan brands like Planet Protein have taken that extra step toward fighting palm oil production by teaming up with One Tree Planted through 1% for the Planet.

Speaking of shopping consciously, this brings us to the second reason you should shop vegan..

2) Your State Of Mind Will Be Enhanced

Brands like Streamlet are making vegan products that help you contribute to cleaning the environment. Streamlet has a handcrafted writing journal that can be used as a gratitude journal, which can take your daily notes and affirmations to the next level! How so? By writing in a 100% vegan-friendly journal that was handcrafted out of recycled tires, you feel a sense of joy as you use it. You’ll know that you contributed to helping clear our landfills.

This is true for all vegan products. They all make you feel better deep down inside!

We all know that ignorance is bliss. However, when you’re truly doing your best to protect the environment, you know that ignorance can’t be afforded. With that said, awareness is what gives us true blissfulness!

The positive karma that radiates from the products like this can easily help improve your state of mind. As you shop vegan, you’ll be giving your energy (money) to people that are positively impacting the planet. This sense of awareness helps you know you’re contributing to things that are beyond yourself.

This act of selflessness will not only help your mood, it’ll help you become an all-around better person!

You’ll be improving your health as your mood is increased, but this won’t be the only thing that helps your health..

3) Your Health & Vitality Will Improve

I went vegan the second I realized that most diseases are foodborne-illnesses.

Recently, documentaries like What The Health, Cowspiracy, and Earthlings have been getting a lot of attention. These movies, along with many others, have been opening people’s eyes on the truth behind our health issues and devastating environmental problems.

They’re opening people’s eyes to the fact that replacing animal products with whole plant-based foods is the only proven way to reverse many of our 15 leading killers.

People like Michael Gregor M.D., explain in videos like this, the explanation behind the studies that show amazing patient recoveries.

Many plant-based doctors have been revealing light on their patient’s breath-taking recovery stories, making it very clear that a whole-foods plant-based diet is the most optimum for human health.

So, am I saying that you have to eat purely whole plant-based foods to become healthier? No.

The simple act of removing animal products from your diet can dramatically improve your health. The whole-foods lifestyle is more for those who are trying to fight diseases or are very dedicated to their health.

The same goes for skin/hygiene products! It’s obvious that food effects your health, but it’s a little less obvious how topical treatments effect our skin and our health.

This is why you should buy your hygiene products from brands like Rustic MAKA. Their products are all natural and vegan. Their deodorants are literally amazing…

So, in terms of deodorants, you’ll wanna make sure they’re healthy for your skin, not just cruelty-free. Heavy metals such as aluminum can cause serious havoc to your health.

Studies have claimed that a majority of breast cancers develop in the upper outer quadrant of the breast because that section is closest to the underarms, where antiperspirants (which theoretically get absorbed by the skin or enter through razor nicks) are applied. The concern is that the aluminum then gets into the lymph nodes and then travels to the breasts. They say this is most likely because aluminum plugs the sweat ducts, so your body can’t rid itself of any potentially cancerous substances absorbed during antiperspirant use.

Will it help keep you from sweating a little? Yeah. But is that really a good thing? We sweat to regulate our body temperature, which helps the body get rid of toxins and keeps the body healthy. Through my personal research and from learning about the above cancer prevention tips, I’ve been keeping aluminum and antiperspirants out of my life!!

If you want to read more about why you should use vegan deodorants, check out my Cruelty-Free Vegan Deodorant blog post!

Anyways, the main point I’m getting at is that as you shop for more vegan products, your overall health should improve as you:

  1. Start consuming more sources of plant protein and lower your intake of acidic animal protein that contains endotoxins (This Cambridge study shows the overall endotoxin exposure, and this NIH study shows the endotoxin spikes after consuming water, cream, glucose, and OJ, with cream being the only large spike)
  2. Increase your consumption of plant foods, which include fiber (a nutrient that 97% of America don’t get enough of)
  3. Your overall micronutrient-intake will go up as you start eating more nutrient-dense plants (Oxford Academic has proven that vegans get more carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins A, C, B6, B9, potassium, magnesium, manganese, copper, and iron — AND vegans have only half the risk of meat eaters of requiring an emergency appendectomy)
  4. You should do your best to make sure your hygiene products aren’t creating unnatural environments on/in your skin

Final Thoughts

If you’re already a vegan, then you surely know the importance of who you give your money to. If you aren’t vegan yet, then take these 3 reasons and think about ways you can incorporate more vegan businesses/brands into your shopping/grocery lists!

You’ll not only be improving your health and state of mind, you’ll be contributing to a better world and a healthier/cleaner environment!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Happy shopping!!