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This post was inspired by Silver Bridge Coffee Company, an organic coffee roasting company from Ohio.

After buying their beans for several months, Silver Bridge generously sent me a case of their delicious coffee. And since I’ve absolutely fallen in love with their coffee beans, I figured that I should just go ahead and write about the cool facts and benefits of drinking organic, naturally flavored, and freshly-roasted beans.

Fun fact.. I drink coffee almost every day of my life!

Soo, being a health nut, I wanted to share some tips on how to make sure your morning cup is healthy and not taking a toll on you body’s glands and sugar levels..

And if you’re new to drinking coffee, or are trying to make your coffee experience more healthy, you’re at the right place!

If you drink at home, buy FRESHLY roasted beans

If you want optimum benefits, it’s always best to be drinking organic beans that have been roasted within a month from drinking.

The water you use should be filtered, also. In my The Dangers of Tap Water post, you can learn more about why you shouldn’t use tap water for ANYTHING..

Coffee is one of the most heavily sprayed crops in the world, so buying organic is just as important as buying it fresh.

I started buying from Silver Bridge about 3 months ago. Their flavored coffee uses the most natural flavorings available on the market, they’re sugar/gluten free, vegan, kosher certified. Also, their beans are organic, fair trade, and don’t sit on shelves for months before they’re sold.

Now that I’m drinking beans that are freshly roasted, I feel so much better when I’m sipping on my morning cup! I feel much better now that I’m not drinking coffee from beans that have been roasted and ground many months before I get to brew and drink it.Silver Bridge Coffee Company

By making sure your beans are fresh, you’re getting fresh nutrients that haven’t staled. After coffee is roasted, it quickly losses most of it’s flavor and aroma because the beneficial compounds begin to break down as soon as the beans are roasted, so this is major key guys!

Lastly, companies like Silver Bride genuinely care about us, and they make an effort to improve our health and our ability to create a perfect cup. They provide a ton of value on their blog, where they share news, brewing tips, fun facts about coffee, flavor tastings, etc.

Go check them out if you’re interested!

Make sure your additives aren’t ruining your cup

When it comes to making a cup healthy, it’s always best to drink it plain.

For you 5% that like your coffee plain, cheers to you! haha

But for you other 95%, I want to share a few things that’ll help make sure your cup isn’t being ruined by what you add to it.

Use a non-dairy creamer. My favorite is vanilla almond milk based creamers such as Califia Farms vanilla coffee creamer (one of my favorites).

There are plenty of brands coming out with creamers that don’t contain dairy. By dodging dairy creamers, you’re dodging cholesterol, saturated fat, lactose, gluten, casein, and artificial flavors.

When I’m not drinking Califia Farms’ creamer, I usually use Silk’s almond creamer and it’s delicious. You can read about the benefits and nutritional facts on their website here. 

Use organic raw natural sugars. Such as cane, coconut, stevia in the raw, date, etc. Just make sure you’re not using white sugars that do nothing but spike our blood sugar levels by dissolving too quickly.

I used to use WAY to much sugar.. but now I use around two teaspoons for my daily 20 oz cup in the morning. If you use way more, just do your best to slowly cut back. From personal experience, I’ve experienced sugar’s addictive qualities.. so just make sure your taking action to make sure you don’t let it get the best of you!

Only drink coffee in the mornings

Coffee can be great as a healthy morning stimulant, especially due to it’s hormone-rising effects.

Do your best to only drink coffee in your first quarter of your day. When you drink it later in the day, it can effect your sleep and suppress your appetite. We weren’t designed to run on stimulants throughout all of our days, so try to make it a habit to only drink in the mornings.

Don’t drink too much

Most of the benefits that come from coffee tend to come when you drink it moderately.

When you go overboard on coffee, you’re actually hurting yourself more than you benefit yourself..

Coffee has a lot of superpowers, but they only work in moderation. So, when it comes to quantity, less is always more.

This is why I cut back from consuming about 32+ ounces daily, to about 20 ounces 🙂

When drinking out, know what to order

First off, when ordering out, the majority of coffee places unfortunately make their coffee with tap water.. this is why I’m picky when I’m on the go or traveling. To avoid this, I try to find small start-up coffee shops that have conscious business habits such as filtered water, home roasted FRESH beans, no funky additives in their syrups, biodegradable cups, straws, and lids, and carry organic raw sugars.

But, of course this isn’t always the case! So always be cautious when ordering..

Be cautious about the syrups they use. Depending on the type of coffee you order, they use different amounts of syrup. For instance, Starbucks vanilla syrup contains high levels of sugar, preservatives in the form of potassium sorbate, and colorings.

When it comes to ordering a cup of coffee from a coffee stand or coffee shop, make sure to ask for the non-dairy creamer substitute. Usually, they automatically use dairy-based creamers or cow’s milk unless you tell them otherwise.

And of course, try to use a natural sugar if you have the option..

I know these options aren’t always available for us, but we just have to do our best, especially if you plan on drinking coffee on a daily basis like myself.

When I realized that coffee can be bad to my health, I knew I had to start making changes because I didn’t want to give it up..

But now, I can reap the benefits! And I want you to do the same 😉

The benefits from optimizing your MORNING coffee

Coffee boosts brain power. When caffeine is mixed with glucose (sugar), it activates certain sectors of your brain that isn’t usually active, along with giving your central nervous system a boost.

However, this is only beneficial to a certain point. So don’t overdo it. When it comes to boosting brain power with coffee, less is always more!

When people over-consume coffee, their glands

Coffee contains high levels of antioxidants and phenolic compounds that play a role in cancer prevention. Here is a link to the National Institute of Health studies on the comparison of antioxidant content than green and black tea.

It’s among the five highest foods in antioxidants in the world! So, in a world full of toxicity, fighting free radical damage is key to longevity and good health.

Coffee helps you improve your heart, liver and digestive system. Many studies have shown these health benefits of coffee. It even helps protect against Parkinson’s disease and much more. You can read more about it here. But again, this is all based on moderate intake, not from people who over-consume.

Coffee can make your immune system stronger. In the right quantity, it alters your immune system and makes it stronger and healthier. This is true for natural freshly ground coffee, not instant coffee because it contains fewer nutrients and more chemical additives.

Coffee can help with headaches. Again, in a moderate amount, the caffeine content in coffee can help relieve your headaches. Harvard health studies have found that small doses of caffeine are much more effective for pain than common over-the-counter medications.

And much more.. you get the point.

Main Takeaways
  • Coffee can either be our best friend, or our worst nightmare, we get to choose which one.
  • If possible, only buy freshly roasted organic beans, such as Silver Bridge Coffee, (U.S. shipping only).
  • Drink plain if possible. But if not, only use non-dairy creamers/milk’s and natural sugars — and always do your best to use as little as possible.
  • Don’t over-consume and only drink it in the mornings so you’re not messing with your glands (mostly your adrenal gland which is in charge of your flight or fight response), sleeping cycle, or mid-day/evening appetite.
  • Be cautious when ordering out and remember to tell them to use a non-dairy creamer/milk.

I hope this post helped you come to ease with your coffee experiences. There are so many benefits to drinking this wonderful bean’s flavors, we just have to be aware of how to do it!

Thanks for reading, I appreciate you 😉 If you have ANY questions, feel free to contact me and subscribe to my channel with the form below!