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Corporate Yoga

When it comes to my future plans as a yoga instructor, my ultimate goal is to help the mental/physical health of the corporate world.

I’ll continue to teach regular classes and private classes, but my main mission is to help stressed-out employees and entrepreneurs, because in my opinion, they’re the ones who currently need it the most..

Also, most of my interests within the self-development field are revolved around increasing productivity and boosting people’s confidence. So, helping corporations with yoga seemed to fit my goals and interests REALLY well!

As of right now (September, 2018), national surveys are showing that 80% of workers feel stress on the job and half them reported that their jobs were extremely stressful. One-quarter of all workers say that their number one stress in their lives are their jobs.

In addition, this employee stress is associated with health problems more than family or financial problems.

These statistics need to change, soon!

We’re literally in the middle of a mental-health crisis due to the “hustle” of the corporate world and our stimulus-based lifestyles (such as drugs or instant gratification from different forms of technology).

We’re already in desperate need of stress-management, but as we continue to merge with technology, our world is only going to become busier. As this happens, we must become more passionate about mental health and the benefits that come with a healthier mind/mindset!

This is where corporate yoga comes in 🙂

Corporate yoga is one of the most versatile forms of corporate wellness, and since the younger generations are falling in love with the practice, don’t be surprised if corporate yoga becomes one of the most common form of wellness program’s within most small, medium, and large corporations.

In other words, corporate wellness programs are on the rise, and corporate yoga is one of the quickest growing forms of corporate wellness, due to it’s never-ending list of benefits.

Personally, my future plans/goals were clear to me once I learned about the stats above. With my love for yoga, the continuous growth of yoga, and the growing need for stress-management within corporations; I see myself devoting the majority of my career to spreading the gift of yoga to the corporate world.

So if you think that your company (or a company that you know of) could benefit from implementing corporate yoga as a their form of corporate wellness, be sure to contact me here and I’ll be more than happy to help your business’s vitality!!

With that being said, I hope you enjoy my corporate yoga content. I’m here for ANY questions or concerns!

Much Love,
Dakota Mays