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What to expect from my health advice

My health posts will be aimed towards breaking the pre-existing stigmas that still linger within the vegan/plant-based community.

Yes, plenty of vegan advocates are pushy at times.

But there’s something you need to understand.. These people are speaking for the world and the animals, not just themselves.

It may sound harsh, but we’re fighting a macro issue, so don’t get caught up on the micro.

Don’t be surprised that my health advice always resorts back to eating whole, plant-based foods. Until I see studies proving otherwise, this is the healthiest diet known to man.

With that said, all of my health advice will contain references and studies. So if you ever disagree with something I say, I’m always up for debate, as long as you reference where you’re getting your information.

Often times, whenever I’m disagreed with on a hot topic within nutrition, I ALWAYS ask where the person got his/her information. Usually, it’s either from an industry study or poorly written blog posts from individuals with a financial tie to their information.

As you read my health posts, keep an open mind. And remember that I’m not perfect, so if you see something that looks “off”, don’t hesitate to contact me about it.

We’re all in this together!!

Now that we’re on the same page, I hope you learn information that is practical for your individual situation. If you have ANY questions for me, or if you want to subscribe to this website, you can do so with the form below!

Enjoy 🙂