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My favorite physical/spiritual practice

During the middle of 2017, me and Sam started to fall in love with yoga.

Have you ever started something new and get that “rush”?

This rush can come from the “pump” from a lift, the “runner’s high” after a long distance run, or a deeper state of consciousness after a nice yoga session.

The yoga session “high” is my absolute favorite.. And it probably the main reason I kept practicing yoga, even though I originally started my practice for the physical benefits!

Yoga practice supplements

When I first started, I kinda just went through the motions and stretched out. But, once I started listening to supplemental meditation music and started using smells (such as sage), s*** started getting real..

Whether practicing yoga or not, playing relaxing frequencies, theta waves, or meditation music will help you get into a deeper state of mind. The wavelengths of the noises help to put you in a natural meditative state.

In terms of using aroma therapy, you can use sage, incense, oils, etc., it doesn’t matter. Most of them are extremely helpful because they help you relax, along with helping you build a mental connection between the smells and a meditative state 🙂

Nowadays, if I smell the slightest bit of sage, I’m instantly put into a good mood! For real, it’s worth experimenting with.

So, if you’re just starting out and you’re looking for ways to deepen your practice, it’s always helpful to have guided practices with supplemental music and smells to help enhance your meditative experience while you’re on the mat.

Common physical/mental benefits of yoga

When it comes to the benefits of yoga, the list could go on forever, literally!

For people who are interested in the physical aspects of yoga, it’s all about getting a good stretch and letting your body loosen up to help get rid of lactic acid and other acidic byproducts that build up in our body.

Once you start helping your blood flow to your muscles, soreness and aching feelings will fade away. Along with that, your muscles will start working more efficiently and your joints range of motion will improve a ton.

These, along with many other physical benefits, will surely come with regularly practicing yoga, especially any form of power yoga!

On the other hand, the list of mental/spiritual benefits is much larger. The mental energy boost from practicing yoga is attractive by itself, but yoga offers much more than just extra energy..

I explain the mental benefits in many of my posts, but for starters, you can check out some of my yoga posts that talk about improving mental health, decreases stress, learning ways to cope with stress, increasing productivity, enhancing workplace moral, etc..

I recommend starting out with my Benefits of Corporate Yoga, The “Yoga Fix” For Stress Employees and Entrepreneurs and my 10 Reasons Busy Entrepreneurs (and everyone else) Should Do Yoga blog posts. These will give you a well-rounded idea of how yoga can help just about anyone.

I hope you enjoy them! If you’re looking for some help in the beginning of your journey, I made a free 3-Day Yoga Journey Kick-Start that gives you a guided hand through the first few days of your practice.

And as always, I’m here if you have any questions or concerns, so don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂

Much Love,
Dakota Mays